festa discoteca

Yep, there's a DJ, and he is all about hits. Your hits! We sure know how to dance and we can teach you, but, we doubt that you won't be shaking all along with our lights and neons shining bright! And if you got a great voice, or not, why not try our own Voice Contest? We've got the mike, we've got the moves, we even got the red carpet.

o que tem na festa

recreação direcionada

  • Choreography and dance move games
  • Karaokê or videokê

atrações divertidas

  • Lab
  • Spacial Happy Birthday
  • Crazy picture
  • “The Voice” contest
  • Crazy outfit fashion show

oficina culinária

Escolha uma opção a seguir:
  • Cookie factory
  • Brigadeiro factory
  • “Cake Boss” contest
  • Live culinary
  • Create your own pizza
  • Cooking lab: create the delicacies of the Mad Scientist like the brain candy, the eye brigadeiro and the monstrous canned goods

em toda festa sempre tem:

Equipe de recreadores e monitores, gerente, auxiliar de limpeza, cozinheira, garçonetes, recepcionista e Cientista Maluco

Experiência de laboratório

Escolha 1 ou 2 sendo algumas brindes:
  • Human soap bubble
  • Waterproof sand
  • Egg inside a bottle
  • Paper levitation
  • Colorful fire
  • "Frozen - The power of Elsa"
  • Explosive volcano
  • Ice fishing
  • Self raising baloon
  • Upside down water
  • Pharaoh's sand
  • Paint
  • Booger
  • Chemical cupcake
  • Neon drink
  • Perfume factory
  • Soap factory
  • Moisturizing
  • Magical colorful powder
  • Pet workshop

as delícias minilabo

O que se oferece na festa

  • Salty or colorful popcorn
  • Cookies
  • Cheese Loaf
  • Soups
  • Jacked or smiles potatoes
  • Corn
  • Mini pizza
  • Sandwiches
  • Quiches
  • Hamburguers
  • Assorted savory pastries
  • Gourmet tray for the adults

pra beber

  • Organic grape fruit
  • Sodas
  • Water
  • Mate
  • Chocolate or vanilla milkshake
  • Açaí
  • Snow cones


  • Cake decorated in the party's theme
  • Themed cupcakes
  • Brownies
  • Chocolate popsicles
  • Customized brigadeiros
  • Sweets: black, white and mixed brigadeiro

o que você leva da festa?

  • Lembrancinha do Cientista Maluco


* Os preços dos opcionais são variáveis

Para comer

  • Lunch or dinner at the pot
  • Candy tray
  • Bar or brigadeiro tray
  • Non alcoholic crazy drinks minibar
  • Sushi bar
  • Crazy jello
  • Cotton Candy

Para brincar

  • Drawings
  • Magician
  • Biologist
  • Characters
  • Storytellers
  • Live plants workshops
  • Tarot table